Marketing is the thing

This is me

Nick name
24 years
Highest education
University of Neuchâtel

This is my Credit Motivation

Dear lenders, 

In September 2016 I started my studies at the University of Neuchâtel. I am currently in my last year of studies in the communication field. In a fast changing world, I understand the importance of developing strong communication skills. That is the reason why I chose this path in order to be accepted in the masters in digital marketing and Communication in the well know Crea Geneva School  (February 2020).
Seeking to finish my bachelor degree the best way possible to start my Masters degree in good conditions, I am looking for a loan to fund my cost of living. My rent is CHF 600/month and the tuition fee at the university is CHF 515/semester. So my living cost, with all the expenses, would be about CHF 16,000. 

I am already working part-time during my studies but I really need to free up a lot of time to make sure I am giving my best.

I am asking for a loan of CHF 7000, as I will cover the rest with my part-time job, working less hours. I will attach my resume, as well as some works that I have done in my field and my grades, in order for you to see my work experiment. 

I am already aware of the wonderful concept of Splendit. I have already made a successful credit request 3 years ago in January 2016. 

I still have around CHF 20,00 left from the initial CHF 50,00 to pay until end of 2019 in trimestrial invoices of almost CHF 500. I do not have any open invoices and I join a proof of my payment history. 

The CHF 7,000 will then top off my last credit for the previous reasons.

I count on your support to help me create the best future possible.

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 7'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
December 2018
Study time
22 months
Re-payment starts
October 2020
Re-payment time
36 months
Loan fully paid back
September 2023

This is my plan

University of Neuchâtel
Main field of study
Additional fields of study
Begin of study
September 2016
End of study
December 2019
Current semester
Plans after study

My main focus would be to attend the masters in Digital Marketing and Communication at the Crea Geneva School (member of the Inseec U.). With this degree I would be able to work with top companies that are directly working with the School in all crafts.
Becoming a marketing expert and gaining experience is a strong asset. 

My life goal being to become an entrepreneur and changing the way we look at marketing, I find it really important to learn from the best and Crea is one of the top schools in the country.



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