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This is me

Nick name
35 years
Highest education
IMD Lausanne

This is my Credit Motivation

I am a Mauritian citizen with 10 years’ experience in the aerospace industry. I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Cardiff University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Aircraft Engineering from Cranfield University. I am now about to start an MBA program at the prestigious International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. I believe that this program will provide me with the right skills and tools to take my career to the next level.

My tuition fees and living expenses will be funded through my own savings as well as partially through help from family members. In order to cover the remaining amount, I would require this loan of CHF 45,000 Note that this loan will be paid directly to IMD.

I have an excellent credit score as you will see in the attached documents. This loan will enable me to complete this fantastic journey, fulfil my career ambitions as well as bring you a good return on your investment into my education.

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 45'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
December 2017
Study time
14 months
Re-payment starts
February 2019
Re-payment time
30 months
Loan fully paid back
July 2021

This is my plan

IMD Lausanne
Main field of study
Additional fields of study
Begin of study
January 2018
End of study
December 2018
Current semester
Plans after study

After the IMD MBA, I would like to take a step up from my current role of mainly overseeing the technical aspects of product development. I would use my technical background and newly-acquired business knowledge to head a team in order to develop new technology ideally for, but not limited to, the aerospace industry.

At present, I have in mind a product that I wish to design, manufacture and market. I should like to use the business development skills acquired during the MBA to explore the viability of this product. If deemed viable, I would either take my entrepreneurial ambitions forward and set up my own company to go on with the development of this product.



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