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23 Jahre
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The Graduate Institute of Geneva

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My name is Kristabela Garnace. I am 22 years old and I am coming from the Philippines. I have had the pleasure of being admitted for the Masters Programme of International Affairs at the Graduate Intsitute of Geneva. 

It has been always a plan to further my studies for a more profitable profile. Immediately after graduating, I waited just a little to work in the emirates with the goal of closing the gap between earnings and  time of labor so that I may pursue a career that I feel more passionate doing. Needless to say, studying in switzerland is abit expensive for my saving's worth. A year and a half of working only pays for my first semester's cost of living or my tuition. 

My parents have made sure that I am able to finish my undergraduate and they are to make sure that my two other siblings do the same. With that circumstance, I am doing the financing on my own as this further educational attainment is a definite dream of mine.

When I got admitted, however, I did not have alot of second thoughts, It is a risk with a big pay off in the end. I chose Geneva and the institution that I am in because it is the best place in the world for my field and I planned to finance myself by working and studying at the same time. I am applying to Splendit with the hope that it can help to lessen my load; With that, be able to focus on my studies, graduate on time, and be able to work immediately. A linear path would be nice for once.

Please accept my gratitude for taking the time to read my profile and considering to invest on education.

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November 2019
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Juli 2021
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Juni 2023

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The Graduate Institute of Geneva
Interdisciplinary Master in International Affairs
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Interdisciplinary Master in International Affairs
September 2019
Abschluss des Studiums
Juni 2021
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My  general professional interest is to be working for an institution geared towards innovations and well being of societies may it be private companies or NGOs. I am eager to invest in my profile and driven to gather important networks that will have good influence on my career. For the short term, I teach english on the side and will still work light so that I may already start building up my payment for the loan I may incur here.



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