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Pinar Y.
29 Jahre
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University of St. Gallen

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My name is Pinar Yaktiyol and I am a University of St. Gallen MBA candidate with expected graduation in 2023. I was honored with the Women in Business Scholarship that covers a significant portion of my studies, however, I still need funds to cover part of the fees for the program.

Currently, I am a Manager at Deloitte Financial Advisory. I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration and find it a necessity to grow my skills in business and management through the MBA program. MBA would require me to resign from my role but open a myriad of opportunities ahead.

I look forward to being funded and finish my degree.

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CHF 34'000
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Juli 2022
12 months
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Juli 2023
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Juni 2026

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University of St. Gallen
Full Time MBA
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Full Time MBA
September 2021
Abschluss des Studiums
August 2023
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I am very excited to be an MBA candidate at the University of St. Gallen. After the completion of the MBA program, I plan to grow my career at Deloitte Switzerland in Financial Advisory practice, based out of Zurich. Although this may seem like a linear career plan, reaching this objective requires extensive know-how in fields other than financial advisory. Hence, the MBA program ties back with where I see myself in a decade, helping me by building up business know-how through an intense curriculum and local cultural immersion. I am very optimistic about my job prospects in Switzerland, as the local market has a strong demand for valuation and M&A expertise. I also have started building a business network in Switzerland, since I work with my Deloitte Switzerland colleagues daily and would follow their guidance to find employment options. My ambitious and tight schedules were fueled by my passion for the ultimate objective – being a financial services business leader in my late 30s. For this very reason I recently shifted by narrow M&A focus into a wider Financial Advisory scope and also changed jobs by moving to Deloitte Turkey as a manager. Despite the hardship I have gone through as a student, I have very much landed at where I wanted to be back on the first year of my studies, which was taking executive responsibility before my 30s and grow into a leader in the following 10 years of my career.



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