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Dual Degree Master Student
24 Jahre
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Boston University & Munich Business School

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Dear Investors,

My name is Michaela (24) am a polyglot, currently in my third semester as a Master student in International Business at Munich Business School (MBS) and recently got accepted to further my studies with a dual degree in Global Marketing Management at Boston University (BU).

As you take the time in reading my motivation letter, I hope that you get to know me, the brains and the person behind this writing.

Motivational Letter

From a very young age I was aware that I wanted to achieve a lot of great things in my life. I have a mind filled with many different, dreams, goals and theories enabling me to contribute and talk about lots of topics because I am not afraid to.

With such drive and eagerness, developing and shaping this is essential to excel throughout life which is why I knew that entering the academic world would be of aid not just for me but for many factors and elements around me.

Having organised bake sales in high school and college I felt it natural to step up as team lead for group assignments and projects. This, throughout my school days in Zurich and London to academic days in Oxford, Buckingham and Munich. Thanks to these experiences I am always motivated to engage in university related activities, for instance being in the student council, help at events and studies. In other words, I am an enthusiast for leadership and see myself in leading positions.

Fast forwarding, I now find myself in the middle of my Master thesis for my degree at MBS and an acceptance letter to further my masters in adding a second masters at BU. Fathoming the thought that I have been given the recognition once again to allow my mind to explore these many theories of mine is filling my heart with gratitude.

One might wonder why though. Well, it’s simple to me, the sky is not my limit in all true sense I have always known to be an achiever for greatness. So, as the opportunity presented itself and I got nominated to join the partner university for a second master's degree I couldn’t pass on it. However, as an individual with the eagerness to start new things in life (e.g., a degree) I have encountered one challenge after the other.

For instance, being the youngest of six children life is not always as financially smooth as one would want it to be. As a result of that, I have taken it upon myself to work, part-time, during my full-time studies and despite the workload I have always worked towards success in both my academic and professional career. Nevertheless, it is not enough to sustain myself in my further studies, which is why I am requesting this particular financial loan, to be able to afford my further studies and get closer to my life goals which are varying from expanding my knowledge, to becoming a voice of academia and create change in the globe for the better.

To further ensure you on this, I have added a guarantor for this auction.

Nevertheless, if you would like to know more about me, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely
Michaela Dema

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CHF 50'000
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November 2022
9 months
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August 2023
37 months
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August 2026

Das ist mein Plan

Boston University & Munich Business School
Global Marketing Management & International Business
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Global Marketing Management & International Business
September 2021
Abschluss des Studiums
September 2023
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Plan nach Studium

After successful complition of my second master at Boston University, my aim is to continue with my professional career.

With my well established academic and professional background I have secured a pathway to several fields (i.e., banking, marketing, fintech, fashion etc.), enabling myself to have options to make the most out of my developed knowledge.

Therefore, I look forward in joining the industry which suits my needs and wants best. Which include having the ability to apply my knowledge for the better. Aswell as my brother got his funding through splendit and is repaying after successfully graduating from his medical studies & working in the desired field, I am confident that I will repay the requested loan within the calculated timeframe to all generous investors.

Because, the sky is not my limit.



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