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26 Jahre
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University Zurich

Darum brauche ich einen Bildungskredit

Dear Investors

Have you ever wondered what your money is worth now, and what it will be worth in two, five, even ten years? I often ask myself this question. On the one hand, of course, because of the time value of money. On the other hand, however, because I know that the money I will have in ten years and won't need is missing now.

The interest rate business offers an obvious and simple resolution to this paradox, which is why I am reaching out to you with a credit request.

Analysing the interplay of social, cultural, and political processes in theoretical discussion is what initially sparked my interest to pursue a bachelor`s degree in Philosophy at the University of Zurich. When I received my offer from the University of Warwick, England, a few weeks back for a master's degree in Political and Legal Theory, it was clear to me that the “road not taken” would not be an option. Through the MA in Political and Legal Theory, I hope to enhance my skills in terms of research methodology especially, and to gain a more contiguous understanding of both historical and contemporary positions in political and legal philosophy, between and vis-à-vis each other. The department of Political Science at the University of Warwick, due to its size and impact, provides for a profound study of the subject, not least because of the exceptional expertise of its scholars.

Despite studying full time and only holding part time employment, I was able to accumulate sufficient savings to fully cover the living expenses for the year abroad. The requested loan amount will be used to cover tuition fees as well as to pay for unaccounted expenses, including, for example, the visa application fee and the purchase of a notebook. An application for a scholarship awarded by the university itself is currently pending but would reduce the total amount requested somewhat.

Based on experience regarding approximate salary levels, I am confident that I will be able to repay the loan within the specified time frame, but preferably sooner. You will find the corresponding information on the expected income, basic amounts, and the distrainable allowance after all deductions in the Excel sheet attached to this request.

Excerpts from the debt collection register as well as reports from ZEK, CRIF and DeltaVista, along with references will be gladly issued upon request.

Ich brauche

Erwünschter Betrag
CHF 35'000
Maximaler Zinssatz
Juni 2022
15 months
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September 2023
12 months
Schulden zurückbezahlt
August 2024

Das ist mein Plan

University Zurich
Philosophy and French Literature
Zusätzliche Studiengebiete
Philosophy and French Literature
September 2018
Abschluss des Studiums
Juli 2022
Derzeitiges Semester
Plan nach Studium

The University of Warwick is regularly sought out by recruiters and headhunters and enjoys an excellent reputation with employers. Given the very specialised nature of the programme, I plan to spend one or two years working in the field of international relations. Subsequently, I aim to pursue a career in diplomacy - the Swiss government offers an excellent concours for diplomatic professionals and managers (



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