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University Zurich

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Hallo. My name is Jochem and I am currently a Master student at the University of Amsterdam. I am enrolled in a double-degree programme and in September this year I will start with my Master of Law with a concentration in General Studies at the University Zürich.

My concentration in General Studies will mainly consist of courses from the (previous) International Business Law concentration and will include Rechtswissenschaftliches Deutsch, International Economic Law, International Finance Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Introduction to US business law and European Institutions.

During my studies in Zürich I will stay in the 'The Alumni-Haus', which offers both a close location to the University and a great opportunity to meet fellow law students from all over the world.

I would like to have enough time to focus on my  Masters programme in Zürich. The loan will make a huge difference for me in order to finance my studies and to cover my living expenses in Zürich.

I will use this chance to show the highest level of commitment in both my academic and professional career. Thank you for your support.

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Juni 2020
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University Zurich
Law - General Studies
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Law - General Studies
September 2020
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August 2021
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My masters programme is an international double-degree programme between the University of Amsterdam and the University Zürich. This programme entails one year of study at the University of Amsterdam and one year at the University Zürich. When I start my study in September this year at the University Zürich, I will have completed my LL.M. in Legal Commercial Practice at the Amsterdam Law School. 

A double degree from two renowned law faculties in Europe brings tremendous added value to my career in the international arena. I will profit from gaining familiarity with various legal systems and legal terminology, all in a culturally diverse environment. Since Switzerland, as an important financial centre, is also home to many international institutions, to stay in Zürich would be a logical choice for me in order to find a job in the (Financial) Law sector.



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