Hard-working woman in Data Science

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Future Data Scientist
26 Jahre
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Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

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I am a Mexican woman with a BSc in Actuarial Science. I have professional experience in the Banking sector of my home country, and I have been accepted to study for a Master's degree in Data Science at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL). To accomplish the previous, I am searching for options to fund my graduate degree. One of my options is to request a student loan through the innovative Fintech called Splendit.

I completed my bachelor’s degree at UNAM, which is the best university in Mexico, with the third-best GPA (9.56 out of 10) out of two hundred and fifty students.

My professional career began as a pensions analyst in one of the most prestigious places to work in my country: Mexico’s Central Bank (BANXICO). Despite feeling satisfied with my job, I desired to apply data mining techniques, so I applied for a scholarship that consisted of five analytics SAS courses. I was selected from more than five hundred candidates, and I had such a brilliant performance that I received a job offer from the largest bank in Mexico: BBVA Bancomer.

I have been working as a Junior Data Scientist in Bancomer’s Business Intelligence department for the last year. Here, I have undertaken analytical projects using statistical models and machine learning techniques, transforming raw data into business solutions.

After three years of meaningful professional experience, I decided to apply for an MSc in Data Science at EPFL. The main reason to choose EPFL is the ambitious study plan that the degree has.

The total cost of the degree is approximately 48,000 CHF, which covers tuition fees and living expenses. With the support from my family and savings funds of my own, I can fund 15,000 CHF out of the total cost. I am requesting a loan from 33,000 CHF to fund the whole duration of the MSc.

I made a meticulous student budget (attached in this loan request) so that you can feel more confident to invest in my education. I chose a maximum interest rate of 7.5% to make my loan request more competitive. A monthly family stipend will cover the whole interest period, and I will cover the amortizing period with a job as a Senior Data Scientist.

You will find attached documents that support my loan request (transcripts, recommendation letters, my resume, credit report). If you require more information about myself, do not hesitate in contacting me. I feel very grateful to have people investing in my education.

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CHF 33'000
Maximaler Zinssatz
Juli 2018
36 months
Beginn Rückzahlung
Juli 2021
36 months
Schulden zurückbezahlt
Juni 2024

Das ist mein Plan

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
MSc in Data Science
Zusätzliche Studiengebiete
MSc in Data Science
September 2018
Abschluss des Studiums
Juli 2020
Derzeitiges Semester
Plan nach Studium

After completing my Master's degree at EPFL, I plan to go back to my country and search for a job as a Senior Data Scientist to apply all the acquired knowledge in the MSc. As I have had an outstanding performance in BBVA Bancomer, I have no doubts that I could get a Senior position in there or in any other private or public company. Last semester (summer semester 2018) I began my teaching experience at UNAM, so I also plan to teach machine learning and statistical courses in my beloved UNAM. 



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