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Hello! My name is Bruno Galetto and I am from Argentina. IMD accepted me as an MBA student (starting Jan'22) and honored me with the Stewart Hamilton scholarship but I still need funds to cover part of the fees and living expenses.

To respect your time, I will be brief in this section. Please, contact me at or at +54 911 62769662. I will be glad to answer your questions/doubts or just talk to know us better.

About me: I'm a 7-year finance professional with a bachelor degree in international affaires (best in class GPA) and a master in Finance. 

Use: I’m requesting the credit to help me fund part of IMD’s MBA tuition fees as well as part of the living expenses while studying.

Reason: Due to Argentina’s currency restrictions, it is very hard to build liquid savings in hard currencies (such as CHF, EUR, USD). It is also unsecure to have savings in bank accounts (we have restrictions to withdraw our funds). That is why I decided to invest the efforts of my work in the apartment I currently live in (valued in USD 120,000). The apartment, however, is not a liquid asset and this is not the best moment to sold it (pandemic lowered real estate prices), so I prefer to fund my studies with a loan.

Repayment: to repay the loan, I plan to find a job in Switzerland after my studies: I currently work for Philip Morris and I will be welcomed back after my studies (see recommendation letter). I will be open to better offerings as well. In addition, I have my apartment in Argentina as a plan B, to meet my credit obligations if it where needed.

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IMD Lausanne
MBA (Master in Business Aministration)
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MBA (Master in Business Aministration)
Dezember 2021
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Dezember 2022
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I plan to live and work in Europe (Switzerland, Germany or France, preferably). I want to take my career a step further working abroad and deepening my interest in corporate transformation processes in the consumer goods industry. I aim at leading sustainable, impactful and value-adding business solutions that people can benefit from.

My target companies are Philip Morris International (current employer, which will welcome me back after the MBA), Nestlé, Danone and Siemens.

IMD’s career stats show an average annual salary of CHF 116,000 and a joining bonus of CHF 33,000 for its MBA graduates. Philip Morris employees with an MBA degree typically earn 150,000 CHF per year, plus CHF 40,000 yearly bonus. I am confident I'll be able to repay the loan and I have my apartment in Argentina as a "guarantee" to meet my obligations in any case.



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