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University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

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In order to pursue my dreams of becoming a cloud expert, I am seeking your kind help in achieveing that dream. At the moment, everything I have done in the last 3 years has led me in one way closer to that goal. I would like to, work a litle less, focus on school and also while doing so, equip my knowledge in the area of cloud computing by taking professional courses which would set me up to my ultimate goal. In Switzerland at the moment, there is a shortage of cloud experts and easily, as an entrant into the field, Salaries ranging from 92,000 - 120,000 CHF is guaranteed. While I work part time at the moment in the financial IT sector, I see this opportunity as a stepping stone for bigger things in my career. I would like you to be part of my success story.  Thank you.

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Juni 2021
24 months
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Juni 2023
24 months
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Mai 2025

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University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Business Information Systems
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Business Information Systems
September 2019
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September 2022
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At the moment, I work part-time as an IT analyst with a Bank in Basel and my ultimate work career ambition would be to work as a cloud secirity analyst as I am always taking daily steps towards that goal. I am very optisimstic to where the future is leading towards.



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