Master in International Affairs at the IHEID in Geneva

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The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Mid-September I started my Master in International Affairs at The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID), one of most renowed schools of international affairs in the world. Besides the IHEID, I've been also accepted for the Master at the Columbia University, LSE, University of Amsterdam and the National University of Singapore. I'd like to request a loan in order to cover the costs of my programme at the IHEID,.

I hold a bachelor's degree in International Relations, having studied in universities in Brazil, Portugal and Canada. I have been awarded with scholarships and prizes, due to my academic results, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Government of Canada and the Santander Bank. Furthermore, I have a diverse work experience, including volunteers in Peru and Kenya, reasearch period at the Human Rights Commission of Peru, and serving as an intern at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria.

The Graduate Institute in Geneva is an Institute of academic excellence and recognized as one of the best in the world for international law and international affairs studies. This makes the employment rate of the Institute achieve 90% following the 6 months after graduation. The Insitute is in the middle of International Geneva and their graduates are easily recruited by the various international organizations and NGOs based in Geneva and worldwide.

The Master programme has a duration of 2 years, starting from this month (September). The tuition fee of the programme is CHF 8,000/year (CHF 16,000 for the 2 years). The Institute has a living costs budget estimative of CHF 18,000/year (CHF 36,000 for the 2 years). Therefore, the total cost of my Master, including tuition and living costs, is expected to be CHF 52,000.

I'm asking for a loan of CHF 30,000, as my father will cover the other CHF 22,000. My father will pay the interest during my studies and will also act as a guarantor for my loan, in case of a rare unnexpected unnemployment period after my graduation. He has secured in his savings account an amount of more than four times the amount I'm requesting in this loan (see bank statement attached)

I count on your support to finance my Master studies. As I have presented above, I have a solid curriculum with different work and studies experiences. For this reason, I've decided to offer a maximum interest of 6.0%, as there is no risk involved for the investors. The high previsibility of employement right after gradution, in addition of having a guarantor for my loan, gives the investors the assurance that my loan doesn't involve any risk.

I thank you for your consideration and support.



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November 2018
25 months
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Dezember 2020
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November 2023

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The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)
Master in International Affairs
Zusätzliche Studiengebiete
Master in International Affairs
September 2018
Abschluss des Studiums
September 2020
Derzeitiges Semester
Plan nach Studium

During my Master I will focus on security studies, with special attention to conflicts and humanitarian crisis. Therefore, I intend to work with organizations that work in this area, as the ICRC, UNHCR, OCHA, Oxfam, etc. The graduates of the IHEID are frequently recruited by these organizations.

Later on my career, I intend to pursue a PHD in the UK or in the USA. The PHD will allow me to continue working in my area of interest, in addition to lecture in universities to share my academic knowledge and work experience.



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