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34 Jahre
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IMD Lausanne

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My name is Tony Mrad and i want to tell you a little bit about myself, my background and my plans and motivation for the future.

First of all, It is with keen interest that I want to inform you that i got accepted into one of the most successful business schools in Europe and the world IMD Lausanne.

I am highly motivated to pursue higher education for different purposes. Mainly to advance my career and develop as a professional. For the past nine years of professional experience, I was operating as site manager and the lead testing engineer in many projects across Europe, Africa and the Middle East with many international companies and clients and I realized that there was so much room for improvement in my line of work on the managerial level. For this and other reasons, I was motivated to expand my skills, and delve into the business side and acquire a new set of proficiencies to be able to make better business/management decisions.

I believe that the MBA program offered by IMD harmonizes perfectly with my expectations and will be an added value to my work as it will help me develop a complementary set of technical and business skills that are required for a successful career in consulting and project management, using the appropriate academic tools and methods.

This program will expand my knowledge in the financial, management and marketing fields and will assist me in developing my analysis, business reporting and leadership skills and therefore improve my performance as well as the performance of my company by saving time and cost through better business decision making.

Therefore, I trust that my academic background along with my work experience have contributed to my professional profile, and built the foundations and ambition needed to be a successful MBA graduate in the future.

The reason i need the 40,000 CHF is the living expenses and rent for the 11 months i will be spending in expensive lausanne, i have already secured a scholarship to pay part of my tuition fees and family members who promised to support with the remaining amount.

Finally, i am fully confident that your investment in me will be successful, as i would also be investing in myself for a year to build on my current experience, open new opportunities and unlock my true potential.

Ich brauche

Erwünschter Betrag
CHF 40'000
Maximaler Zinssatz
September 2021
24 months
Beginn Rückzahlung
September 2023
48 months
Schulden zurückbezahlt
August 2027

Das ist mein Plan

IMD Lausanne
Zusätzliche Studiengebiete
Dezember 2021
Abschluss des Studiums
Dezember 2022
Derzeitiges Semester
Plan nach Studium

Immediately following business school, I will seek a general management, leadership development or a project management role at a consulting firm such as Mckinsey, Booz Allen Hamilton or the like focusing on gaining exposure to business development and operations.

On the long run, I will seek an executive-level position at an industrial organization such as GE or Siemens leveraging my pre-MBA experience as an electrical engineer, to well-position me to reach my ultimate goal.

The average salary of a consultant or project manager (IMD Graduate) is 120000 CHF yearly. I will pay the interest during my studies using family support, and the main part of the loan from my salary.



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