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My name is Hanh. 

I am a Vietnamese who spent almost all of my adulthood roaming around 7 cities across 5 countries in 4 different continents. My diverse life experiences have shaped my character and aspirations. I hope to share this passion with like-minded peers at a global business school.

I have 6.5 years of international experience in innovation and cutting edge technologies. In my most recent job I worked as a Strategy Consultant focusing on the banking industry. In detail, I created a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Business Requirements Document (BRD) to determine project goals, resources needed, budget constraints, potential risks, mitigation plan, time to market, deliverables, and the person in charge of each task. In order to create WBS and BRD. I often translate business requirements into IT configurations and vice versa.

My motivation to join IMD MBA is to grow personally and professionally through education, hands-on experiences and community. My IMD MBA journey started from 12 Jan 2023 to 15 Dec 2023. In parallel I also pursue a Master Degree with Georgia Tech in Data Analytics. My Georgia Tech study is online study with a flexible schedule which allows me to finish this degree within 6 years.

My goal of pursuing 2 degrees (MBA and Msc) because I want to be a Technical Product Manager with a Data/ Machine Learning focus. I want to have both hard skills (coding, basic understanding of building predictive models etc) and soft skills (management, leadership) that all combine will help me thrive in the future. 

To finance my MBA journey, my family already paid for my IMD MBA 1st and 2nd payments (32,500 CHF). On top of that they also provided me 8,000 CHF for my rent and living expenses for the first 3 months. I truly appreciated the help of my family for being loving and supportive. The total amount of 40,500 CHF is the maximum amount that my family can support me during my MBA. 

On the other hand,  IMD Business School also awarded me with a FORTÉ Merit Scholarship (30,000 CHF). For the remaining amount of 50,000 CHF, I need to seek help outside from a private loan provider. In detail, 35,000 CHF will be paid directly to IMD, the remaining 15,000 will be paid to my UBS account. 

Should you have any question please feel free to reach out to me 


Phone: +41 7669 90238


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Dezember 2027

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Januar 2023
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Dezember 2023
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After my time with IMD MBA, I plan to target a Technical Product Manager role in Multinational Tech Companies in Singapore. My preferred domains are Data, Automation, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Through future work experience, I want to promote inclusivity for women in the tech force and to bridge the gender gap within the tech industry. I also want to bring data science knowledge to design more products in a gender neutral way. I want to consider women users when designing tech products because as of now many products were designed without women in mind.



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