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L'Institut de Hautes Études Internationales et du Développement

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Dear Sir/Madam,

In September I will start my Master in International and Development Studies (MINT) at The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID), one of most prestigious schools of international affairs in the world. So that, in this occasion I would like to request a loan in order to cover the costs of living during my studies at the IHEID.

I hold a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Politics, having studied in universities in Colombia and Spain. I studied a semester in Australia to improve my English skills. I have done my internship at the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia. Nowadays I am working for the National Agency for Rural Development in charge of planning and executing processes to generate strategies for the digital transformation of the rural sector at the national level.

On the other hand, I have been president of the non-profit organization Young Travelers for 5 years, in which we carry out social and environmental projects in Colombia and other countries. Among the projects we work on, I would like to highlight the International Youth Forum for the fight against climate change, in which people from 9 countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa have participated. Besides the IHEID, I've been also accepted for the Master at the New York University and Jönköping University. 

The Graduate Institute in Geneva is reputed for the professionalism, analytic rigour and eagerness to change the world by its students and alumni. This makes the employment rate of the Institute achieve 90% in less than 4 months after graduation. The Institute is in the middle of International Geneva and their graduates are top tier candidates for companies, international organizations, non-profits and government agencies seeking interns, junior hires and even senior level recruits in Geneva and worldwide.

Likewise, I would like to highlight that my bachelor's thesis has been published as a scientific article in the International Relations magazine of the University of Chile. One of the most prestigious academic journals in Latin America on this matter.

The master’s degree has a duration of 2 years, starting from September 2023. The tuition fee of the programme is CHF 8,000/year (CHF 16,000 for the 2 years). The Institute has a living costs budget estimated on CHF 18,000/year (CHF 36,000 for the 2 years). Therefore, the total cost of my Master, including tuition and living costs, is expected to be CHF 52,000.

I'm asking for a loan of CHF 30,000 for the living cost, as my parents will cover the other CHF 22,000 for the tuition fee and part of the expenses. Also, my parents will pay the interest during my studies and will also act as a guarantors for my loan, in case of a rare unexpected unemployment period after my graduation. They have enough incomes annually that would allow them to pay the loan easily. I attach their incomes prove.

I am very grateful with your support to finance my Master studies. As I have presented above, I have a well-founded curriculum with diverse work and studies experiences. The high chances of employment right after graduation, in addition of having a guarantor for my loan, gives the investors the assurance that my loan doesn't involve any risk.

I thank you for your consideration and support.

Ich brauche

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CHF 30'000
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Mai 2023
30 months
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November 2025
48 months
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Oktober 2029

Das ist mein Plan

L'Institut de Hautes Études Internationales et du Développement
Master Programme in International and Development Studies (MINT)
Zusätzliche Studiengebiete
Master Programme in International and Development Studies (MINT)
September 2023
Abschluss des Studiums
September 2025
Derzeitiges Semester
Plan nach Studium

Following the completion of my Master, I hope to have more tools to create more opportunities for young people and fight climate change in the world. Hence, I have great interest in working with organizations dedicated to environmental and sustainability issues, such as UNEP or UNOHABITAT, where I can support the processes to fight climate change. 

Also, taking into consideration the location of the university and its network, I would bring The Forum and other Young Travelers' (my NGO) projects to a world stage, in which they would have broader participation and support to meet its objectives. 



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