Bridging loan

This is me

Nick name
25 years
Highest education
Bern University of Applied Science

This is my Credit Motivation


My name is Benjamin and i am in the last semester of my study in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

My studies will soon be over and now I am running out of money. So I need a bridging loan. I already asked my parents but they can not afford to loan me some money. 

Until now i paid all living expences and tuition fee with my savings and salary from my temporary jobs in the holidays.

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 2'500
Maximum interest rate
Start date
August 2021
Study time
2 months
Re-payment starts
October 2021
Re-payment time
12 months
Loan fully paid back
September 2022

This is my plan

Bern University of Applied Science
Main field of study
BSc Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Additional fields of study
BSc Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Begin of study
September 2018
End of study
August 2021
Current semester
Plans after study

My plan after the study is to apply as a software developer, preferably in embedded linux. The average salaray is about 90000 here in Switzerland, so it should be easy possible to repay the credit.



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3 bids, CHF 2'500 of CHF 2'500 filled

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CHF 2'500

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