Calculate your student loan

Play with our calculator and find out how much you need to complete your studies. You can specify an interest only period and which means you will only be required to pay back your loan later during the amortisation period. Ideally, the interest only period is a few months longer than the remaining period of your education. This gives you ample time to find your dream job before having to pay back your loan.

At splend!t 95.8% of published auctions got funded! A reasonable interest rate is around 6-7%. If you are a good student and upload a great loan request, our investors may be willing to fund you at a lower rate. Customise your loan to fully fit your specific needs. Good luck!

CHF 10'000

Credit Amount


Max. Interest Rate

24 Months

Interest Period (interest only, usually during studies)

36 Months

Amortizing Period (interest+repayment, usually after studies)


Why finance your education with a loan?

education is expensive

education is a key factor for a successful career, but it does not come for free

family support not guaranteed

families and relatives may not be in a position or willing to finance your education

increase your market value

a loan allows you to focus on your studies: the faster you graduate and the higher your grades, the better your chances on the job market

hardly any other sources

scholarships are difficult to get and amounts paid usually small... too small

finance your future

make a smart investment... invest in yourself and focus on your studies, the job market will appreciate it and your investment will pay off quickly

Part-time work, right?

the bologna system introduced a tight schedule that leaves little or no room for part-time work... don't lose time and get your studies done

take responsibility

become independent by taking responsibility for your life and your finances, prove your reliability by paying back your loan on time

Be splend!t

fair and transparent financing of education is our goal