Calculate your sustainable return

Play with our calculator and find out what awesome investments you can make with us. There is an interest only period for student loans for the term of the education. Amortisation starts right after when students have a job and start making an income. On average, student loans are funded at around 6% interest and run for about 5-6 years. Check out our current auctions, there may be just the right opportunity for you.

CHF 10'000

Investment Amount


Interest Rate

24 Months

Interest Period interest only, usually during studies

36 Months

Amortizing period (interest+re-payment, usually after studies)


Why financing education via social lending?

Try social lending

Lend your money to individuals directly without the intermediation of banks

get a fair and competitive return

traditional banking products are mostly unattractive and expensive, on splend!t you decide the interest rate at which you invest

Education is essential

education is key but does not come for free, existing sources for financing education are scarce

invest in an excellent risk

95% of students from uni/ETH (and “Fachhochschulen”) find a job within one year from graduation

Finance your future

The next generation is your future. Help them now and they will be able to help you

do something good

your investment helps others fulfill their dreams... and you know who they are

make a sustainable investment

you want to invest your money sensibly; human capital is a sustainable, local investment opportunity with a face

Be splend!t

fair and transparent financing of education is our goal