Financial Professional for >10 Years Seeks a Cushion Credit during MBA

This is me

Nick name
33 years
Highest education
IMD Lausanne

This is my Credit Motivation

I intend to use CHF 15,000 for the last payment of my tuition at IMD Full-Time MBA and CHF 5,000 for living expenses.

I have savings that could be used for the amortization of this loan (document attached), but they are currently invested in private pension, which I would get it back only in case of ultimate need. My plan is to pay for the loan when I get back to the job market or even before it if the buffer turns out to be too big.

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 20'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
April 2018
Study time
15 months
Re-payment starts
July 2019
Re-payment time
20 months
Loan fully paid back
February 2021

This is my plan

IMD Lausanne
Main field of study
Full-time MBA
Additional fields of study
Full-time MBA
Begin of study
January 2018
End of study
December 2018
Current semester
Plans after study

Before IMD, I worked as a CFO for a subsidiary of a multinational food company (USD 10bn market cap) and would like to continue as a CFO of a subsidiary of FMCG of Pharmaceutical company, in Europe.



Auction Closed

15 bids, CHF 20'000 of CHF 20'000 filled

Calculate your sustainable return

CHF 20'000

Investment Amount


Interest Rate

Total fees
Your return (net of fees)


IMD MBA 2018 - Certificate of attendance.pdf

Diploma Graduacao Pedro Kniphoff English.pdf

Savings for Amortization.pdf
Security funds I can withdraw to pay for amortization (last case scenario)

Pedro AugustoKniphoffProfile.pdf

Credit Report from Serasa-Experian (#1 UK and Brazil credit assessment company)