Future Statistician searching for a loan

This is me

Nick name
28 years
Highest education
University Zurich

This is my Credit Motivation

I'm studying part-time at the university of Zurich. Currently finishing up my BSc in Earth Science and this Autumn starting a MSc in Biostatistics.

I have been financially independent for the past few years thanks to part-time work. Now I would like to finish up my accademic education as fast as possible and increase my study pensum to around 80%. To compensate against the lack of income and be able to afford a living in Switzerland I'd like to bridge my financing gap with a loan for the next two years.

Comment Splendit: The student is not registered in ZEK (has no running consumer loan in Switzerland).

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 30'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
May 2019
Study time
24 months
Re-payment starts
May 2021
Re-payment time
24 months
Loan fully paid back
April 2023

This is my plan

University Zurich
Main field of study
Earth Science/Biostatistics
Additional fields of study
Earth Science/Biostatistics
Begin of study
September 2013
End of study
February 2021
Current semester
Plans after study

Currently I got a permanent contract at a Swiss Life Science firm where I intend to continue to work during my masters (20-30%) - actually in the probation period at the moment,.. but pretty sure it'll work out:).

After I finished my MSc in Biostatistics I intend to either stay in Life Science or go into the Financial Industry (in which I have worked previously).

I've also been involved in several startups in the past few years and have gained extensive work experience in developing countries (in various fields such as renewable energies, tourism and agriculuture/aquaculture).

In the long term I've the vision to build something up in the Sustainable Finance Industry (specifically: An Investment Fund/Holding Company to invest in sustainable aquaculture businesses all over the world).



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