Help me finance my MBA at IMD Lausanne

This is me

Nick name
Pedro Bogado
33 years
Highest education
IMD Lausanne

This is my Credit Motivation

My name is Pedro Bogado, a 32 years old Brazilian/Portuguese citizen. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in the Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Throughout my career, I had a cross-functional experience that equipped me with a broad business perspective and a steady career progression (Ranked among the top 2% executives, out of 1,200, and elected as a HIPO (high potential) employee in 2016s, 2017s and 2018s performance annual review).

Indeed, I’ve worked in a turnaround with McKinsey&Company for 2 years as a Project Manager, developing my communication and problem-solving skills and experienced the world's biggest corporate crisis ("Car Wash Operation") in developing the company's strategy alongside the CEO as a Corporate Strategy Manager.

Nonetheless, I felt I needed to expand my horizons and challenge myself, so I decided to pursue an MBA in a world elite institution such as IMD. With Splendit I hope to reach this goal!

I proudly share that I was admitted with CHF 15’000 Scholarship. The total tuition at IMD is CHF 85,000 and I have self-funded for CHF 45,000. My request for loan of CHF 25,000 is to cover the remaining tuition fee.

I plan to move into a stable high income career to ensure your investment. The funds will be paid directly to IMD.

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 25'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
March 2020
Study time
15 months
Re-payment starts
June 2021
Re-payment time
48 months
Loan fully paid back
May 2025

This is my plan

IMD Lausanne
Main field of study
Additional fields of study
Begin of study
January 2020
End of study
December 2020
Current semester
Plans after study

I have 6 years experience in strategy, consulting, operations and project management across different industries and private equity sector. I plan to use the skills I will learn from the MBA at IMD to access international job opportunities in a leadership position.



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