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31 years
Highest education
IMD Lausanne

This is my Credit Motivation

Hi, my name is Oghosa Evbuomwan. I am a medical doctor with a core interest and experience in the design and deployment of health technology solutions. My technical competencies include PHP, MySQL, Python, Jira, and Tableau, with several certifications including Advanced Lean Six Sigma and Precision Medicine. I have practised for over 7 years as a doctor, designed digital health solutions with thousands of users, and founded a health-tech start-up. I am enrolling in business school to refine my logical thinking, leadership, and business capabilities. 

The IMD MBA is a top-ranked program that, based on my thorough research and in-depth conversation with alumni, would adequately resource me for my desired career path in consulting or product management in the health technology sector. I am applying for a student loan to augment my scholarship offer and personal savings.

1) The loan would be co-signed by my spouse who is resident in the US with a good credit score (relevant documents available on request) and in a top bioengineering PhD program.

2) I have secured a post-MBA offer in a Business Development role at $75,000/year. I plan to pay off the loan with interest over a maximum of 5 years and at a rate of about $11,000/year; if I settle for this scenario.

3) Given that the average salary of a consultant or product manager post-IMD MBA is about 123,000 CHF/yr, I plan to pay off the loan with interest within 3 years and at a rate of about 20,000 CHF/yr in this scenario. 

Please reach me on or via any of the contact channels on my website:

Thanks in advance for your support.

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 23'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
November 2021
Study time
24 months
Re-payment starts
November 2023
Re-payment time
48 months
Loan fully paid back
October 2027

This is my plan

IMD Lausanne
Main field of study
Additional fields of study
Begin of study
January 2021
End of study
December 2021
Current semester
Plans after study

Post-MBA, I plan to either take up a conditional offer that has been extended to me for a Business Development role in a boutique firm in the US (as plan B) at $75,000/yr or get a consultant or Product Manager role in a biotechnology/health technology firm in Europe (preferably Switzerland) like Roche, Philips, Amazon Care, or Microsoft Health, where my medical, technical, and business expertise would be better utilized (as plan A).



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