Master in Mechanical Engineering

This is me

Nick name
24 years
Highest education
ETH Lausanne

This is my Credit Motivation

I started my bachelor in mechanical engineering in 2014. After getting my bachelor degree with 4.49/6, I directly started the master degree in mechanical engineering. 

Starting now the last course semester, I plan to do my master project in industry during the next semester (February 2019-August 2019) in order to have a first good experience in the industry world. 

I would like this credit in order to finance this last year of studies. It will be used to pay the rent, and also daily usage such as food, clothes...

My plan is after finishing my courses, I start directly my master project in industry. At the end of it, I will get the diploma and apply for a job in the same company. 

I guarantee the payments will be done on time during the amortization period (which will be the last year of studies) and the repayment period. An interesting fact is that the major part of the graduates get a job  0-4 weeks after getting their diploma. Therefore this investment presents low risk for the investors.

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 12'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
November 2018
Study time
12 months
Re-payment starts
November 2019
Re-payment time
24 months
Loan fully paid back
October 2021

This is my plan

ETH Lausanne
Main field of study
Mechanical engineering
Additional fields of study
Mechanical engineering
Begin of study
September 2013
End of study
July 2019
Current semester
Plans after study

Due to my multidiscplinary field of studies, different fields are accessible for me. During my projects in the EPFL, I acquired many skills. Therefore, I apply for jobs in mechanical designs and conception but also in supply chain and production management. For the master project in industry, I will try to get in the watches manufacturing (Rolex, Chopard...).



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