MBA at HSG to be a responsible global professional

This is me

Nick name
31 years
Highest education
University of St. Gallen

This is my Credit Motivation

One of the best industry practices and technology in my industry space finds its origin in Switzerland and Europe at large. This has been my major motivation to pursue an MBA in Switzerland. After completing my Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer discipline, I have worked for nine years in polymer industry in marketing and business development. My work exposure enabled me to learn about commercial aspects of business whereas technical background helped expand my reach into the market.

With all the financial help from friends, family, loans and personal savings, I am able to fund little over 75% of total expenses which includes tuition fees and daily expenses.

I seek funding of CHF 23,000 through Splendit to cover remaining 25% of total cost. If granted, amount will be directly credited to universities account.

Repayment Plan

I have an ongoing employee provident fund which will cover more than 50% of the loan amount during amortization period, proof of funds is attached. I will be able to liquidate provident fund only after proving sufficient time of break from current job. I will be using this amount to pay back major part of the loan during amortization period. After getting back into job market and with provident fund, I plan to pay back the loan amount as early as possible.  

To be regular with interest payments, I have put aside sufficient savings so that I will never miss the deadline. My credit score is also very good, report as attached and I have never delayed any payment till date due to detailed finance planning.


This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 23'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
April 2018
Study time
24 months
Re-payment starts
April 2020
Re-payment time
24 months
Loan fully paid back
March 2022

This is my plan

University of St. Gallen
Main field of study
Full Time MBA
Additional fields of study
Full Time MBA
Begin of study
September 2018
End of study
August 2019
Current semester
Plans after study

I have worked in the polymer industry as a Strategic Business Unit Head and Marketing Leader. I have attached my CV for detailed insight into my career progression.

Post-MBA, I plan to work as a project head of Polymer or Chemical Company in Europe. I plan to apply skills learnt during my MBA and utilize my past work experience to progress towards more global role. I will be using my industry experience, strong network and skillsets acquired during MBA to overcome challenges and help companies set up sustainable projects in emerging markets



Auction Closed

13 bids, CHF 23'000 of CHF 23'000 filled

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CHF 23'000

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Interest Rate

Total fees
Your return (net of fees)


Admit Letter.pdf

University Degree Certificate.pdf

Provident Fund for Amortization Period.pdf
Proof of funds for amortization period

Credit Report by CIBIL.pdf
Credit score report by #1 rating agency in India

Curriculum Vitae.pdf
Detailed insights into my career progression and performance