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This is me

Nick name
29 years
Highest education
Stanford Graduate School of Business

This is my Credit Motivation

I was recently admitted to the Stanford Graduate School of Business for the MBA program starting in September 2019. In order to finance my studies (including tuition and living expenses for 2 years), I require USD 280'000. A large part of this I can pay with my own savings; however, I need USD 100'000 of loans in addition. 

This is what I need

Credit amount
CHF 100'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
June 2019
Study time
36 months
Re-payment starts
June 2022
Re-payment time
36 months
Loan fully paid back
May 2025

This is my plan

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Main field of study
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Additional fields of study
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Begin of study
September 2019
End of study
July 2021
Current semester
Plans after study

After my studies, I would like to assume a managerial position in a mid or large-sized company in an industry which allows me to focus on an aspect of sustainability, e.g. clean energy. In the long term, I hope to found my own company which provides advisory services to the private, but also the public sector in terms of policy making (creating the right incentives) for a more sustainable economy and - ultimately - world.



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