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He-Arc Gestion Neuchâtel

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Hi everyone !

My name is Loïc, I currently study for my Bachelor's Degree (to be followed by a Master's Degree) in Business Law and more specifically in "Fight against Economic Crime". 

I currently work 50% at the state's department of finance and live alone in an appartment to save the communte to Uni.

Unfortunately my salary doesn't fully cover the cost of living and at the same time I don't qualify for a scholarship.

This student loan will allow me to cover my expenses until the end of my studies. It is my goal is to focus on my studies and my part-time job (cases to solve and responsibilities to assume).

Once I obtain my Master's Degree, it's my goal to work for the Confederation (country) to help prevent economic crime. 

Once working 100% after my studies I expect to earn  somewhere between 90'000 and 120'000 CHF per year. With full emplyoment I will be able to repay back the credit. 

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Juni 2020
24 months
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Juni 2022
24 months
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Mai 2024

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He-Arc Gestion Neuchâtel
Business Law
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Business Law
September 2018
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Juli 2023
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Once I have my Master's Degree I will apply to the Confederation. I want to work in the fight against economic crime.

Because I am already working for the canton of Neuchatel's finance department  I already have a foot in my goal ambition which I hope will give me an edge when applying for full time work at the Swiss Government. As I ultimately want to reach a better position and assume more responsibilities I consider studying important.

I really want to improve my learned skills and help my country fighting against different ways of crime as economic crime for example. 



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