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25 Jahre
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University Zurich

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Since the beginning of my Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Law) at the University of Zurich, I have been working alongside my studies to gain practical experience and finance my studies. I am currently writing my Master's thesis and am also taking examinations in the field of tax law, as I would like to specialize in this area. It is very important to me to be able to perform well both professionally and (above all) at university and to complete my studies as soon as possible in order to have good career opportunities afterwards. For these reasons, I have now decided to reduce my workload and take out a loan in order to once again invest my full energy in my studies. I would be very grateful to you to make this possible for me. 

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August 2020
12 months
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August 2021
36 months
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Juli 2024

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University Zurich
Master of Law
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Master of Law
August 2019
Abschluss des Studiums
August 2021
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Plan nach Studium

As I have a keen interest in the field of tax law, I would like to focus on it after my studies. My plan is to work as a tax consultant and to take the examination to become a certified tax expert. I am already preparing myself for the certified tax expert by taking some of the exams currently so that they can be credited later.



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