Graphic/Web developer seeking funding to professionalize skill

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32 Jahre
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Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

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Currently I am in the early/development phase of developing a social connectivity application (web/mobile) that would connect people throughout Switzerland. The ultimate goal is to see its wide use in Western Europe and later whole of Europe. I am very confident that the skills I possess (web design, development and computer programming) would fetch the right job my way. I worked as a senior content creator/designer for a well known media firm in my home country professionally for two and half years before moving to Switzerland and I freelanced many years before that. I have a work portfolio that can be provided on request.

However, I needed to go back to the university to professionalize my skills as it would give me desired advantage in the IT job market. In my quest to return back to the university, I am faced with the difficulty of funding my living expense as I would have to reduce my current work hours (I work part-time at the moment, see salary certificate attached) to focus on my education and its for this reason I need a loan.

I permanently reside in Switzerland and my ultimate goal would be to repay the loan as promptly as possible.

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CHF 18'000
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Juni 2018
36 months
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Juni 2021
24 months
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Mai 2023

Das ist mein Plan

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Business Information Technology
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Business Information Technology
September 2017
Abschluss des Studiums
September 2021
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Plan nach Studium

Upon completion of my studies I plan to go back into the IT job market here in Switzerland to seek a more senior role in my field as a programmer/designer. 



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