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30 Jahre
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IMD Lausanne

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My name is André Garcia, a 30 years old Brazilian/Portuguese citizen. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in UFRJ, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and post-Graduated in Project Management, also in UFRJ. Throughout my career, I had an intense development, with above average performance and constant promotions, most recently going straight to Product Development Specialist II (instead of Specialist I) in the most complex product line of the company.

Since a while ago, I realized that I had good career progression and success, yet, I always felt a need to give back to society, specially living in Brazil, a country with little opportunities and widespread misery. So far, I did impact personal friends, my working team, colleagues and supervisors. I am proud to highlight that I helped restructure and motivate my department, did a turnaround of one technician, and helped a young girl enter med-school (math/physics lessons).

Nonetheless, I felt I needed to do more and enhance my impact generation power, so I decided to pursue an MBA. I found an excellent fit on IMD: proximity with manufacturing industry; intense and personalized leadership experience; and excellent facilities and staff.

I proudly share that I was admitted with 40’000CHF Merit Scholarship, on the last round of applications (knowingly short budget). On the other hand, my savings can barely cover the yearly costs of living, so I am reaching out for investors to help me fund this and pursue my goals.

The amount will be used to pay the remainder of the tuition to IMD and I intend to pay it within 30 months after graduation. Additionally, I am going through French classes
to enhance my chances of employment which also increases the costs I am

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CHF 45'000
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Dezember 2019
16 months
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April 2021
30 months
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September 2023

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IMD Lausanne
Full-time MBA
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Full-time MBA
Januar 2020
Abschluss des Studiums
Dezember 2020
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Plan nach Studium

As a short term plan I would like to keep working in manufacturing industry but transition into a Product Manager position within a large company. I wish to stay in Europe for a while to intensify the culture shock I am about to live and help me reinstate my finances and return the investment on the program. As a mid/long-term goal I intend to go back to Brazil and help on the country turnaround, I wish to become a catalyst within our young society and help many others pursue their goals in life, either through high leadership within big companies or through my own personal endeavors.



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