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I am Sumeet Trehan from India and will be joining the IMD MBA program from Jan of 2019. I got selected to IMD through a competitive "India Challenge" competetion conducted by IMD in Mumbai India (selection ratio 4%). I have also been offered the "Emerging Market Scolorship" by IMD which is usually awarded to people with strong career track record and  joining IMD from emerging economies

A little about me . I am a graduate in production engineering and did my masters in business studies from IIT Kharagpur (one of India's top technical universities). I have over 7 years of experience in general management with focus on product and sales strategy . I have worked across diverse industries including telecom ,shipping and logisitcs. The last 5.5 years of my career have been focussed on  international trade and supply chain ,mostly at Maersk  (biggest logistics company in world ). At Maersk I was selected as part of its global leadership program (30+ applicants selected from 65000 applications globally). I worked at Maersk in different roles and geographies ; sales , operations strategy ,customer experience strategy and finally rose to head a USD 40 mn supply chain business at DAMCO (Maersk group company). More recently I have been working at a Warburg Pinicus backed unicorn startup in logisitcs and supply chain helping establish the enterprise business by creating successful sales and product strategies. I was awarded the "Young Talent" award at Maersk and have turned around 3 different products/markets through innovation and digitalisation

I am looking for a CHF 50 k funding at splendit. I have already paid CHF 30k fees to IMD and looking to use the CHF 50 k for remaining fees (25k) and living expenses (25k)


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I am deeply passionate about using technology to disrupt traditional industries and products. I have created several different programs/product to disrupt supply chain industry during last 5.5 years.

I would like to leverage my IMD experience to enter consulting space in Europe or Middle East and help clients digitalise and disrupt their supply chains . I would also like to explore options of directly working with large CPG /CPD and related industries in senior supply chain roles to help them create strategic advantages using technology and supply chain.



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