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43 Jahre
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American University in Switzerland

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The COVID-19 pandemic, has caused massive disruptions in the lifestyle of many people around the globe. As a responsible person, I've managed to remain employed in my current role with Apple and decided to expand my skill set in the science of business and economics at the American University in Switzerland - AUS. I was admitted with a scholarship for personal and professional achievements in human and economic development. The cost of living in Switzerland is relatively higher than that in many EU countries. I'll remain employed part-time to be able to handle most of the study and living costs but I'll need access to additional funding as I' have moved to Switzerland in early September 2020 and will remain here for at least the next 10 years. The total cost of my program at AUS is CHF 40,500 and I received a professional merit scholarship of CHF 25,000. I have to cover the remaining CHF 19,000 and some living expenses until I switch from part-time back to full-time employment. For this, I'll need approximately CHF 36,000 for the entire duration of my program, so that I can focus on my studies and graduate faster. I have prepared my student budget, and have planned for all sorts of costs and emergencies. I can start repaying the proposed loan as early as possible and can back up the loan with income from employment.

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CHF 14'000
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Oktober 2020
24 months
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Oktober 2022
48 months
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September 2026

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American University in Switzerland
Business Administration
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Business Administration
September 2020
Abschluss des Studiums
Januar 2022
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I'm an experienced executive management professional with 18 years of experience in the field. I've worked for large international organizations and private corporations including the United Nations, the US Peace Corps, Qantas Airways, the European Space Agency and Apple. My ultimate goal is to move into Supply Chain Management within my current company or another large international corporation and pursue a PhD degree in Accountancy and Supply Chain Management. I've been working hard to engage in a university career while working in Switzerland. I'm returning to school for 2 years in Switzerland in order to complete the minimum requirements for a PhD in Business Administration. I have a dual Executive MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and the Vienna University of Economics, which has played a vital role in my career, as I constantly challenge myself both professionally and academically.



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