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University of St. Gallen

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Dear all,

My name is Simone Longo, I am Italian and I work/live in Zürich.

I am going to start my MBA in St. Gallen in August 2020 and the reason, I ask for your support, is to pay the costs of the fees for these studies.

I have less than 4 years of full-time experience but I am highly driven, self-confident, motivated and creative thinker. I have also been selected as a recipient of the “Early Achiever" Scholarship awarded by the university of St. Gallen.

I always wanted to invest on myself and on my career and that's why I left Italy to study my bachelor in Scotland and Spain. Concurrent to my bachelor studies, I applied my university knowledge in starting a company in Costa Rica. A small firm that was meant to rent buggies to tourists and organize adventurous tours. It was an incredible experience which allowed me to grow personally and to experience a very different culture/environment.

Studying and working abroad permitted me to gain more confidence, knowledge and experience which I applied in Luxembourg and in Switzerland with UBS.

I kept on studying while working and during these years and I successfully completed the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) offered by the CFA UK Society. Currently, I am also an ESG Certificate candidate with the same institution.

In addition, in February 2018, I started my part-time Master of Science in Finance at the University of Aberdeen and I successfully graduated in February 2020.

Now, I am willing and ready to start a new journey towards professional and personal development where I feel at home, in Switzerland.

I feel like this experience can enhance my holistic view and ability to seize different opportunities, that ultimately could be applied in many situations. This MBA is important to me for my personal and professional progression and also to generate the impact I want to have on society.

Concluding, I thank you for taking time to read my application. I sincerely hope you feel I deserve your support as a fundamental help on this endeavor.

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Juni 2020
30 months
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Dezember 2022
48 months
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November 2026

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University of St. Gallen
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August 2020
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August 2022
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My long-term objectives are to contribute to the society transformation and advancement. I want to become a force in our community to inspire many people to achieve their goals in life, either through strong leadership in major companies, politics or through entrepreneurship.



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