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34 Jahre
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University of St. Gallen

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I'm a MBA candidate for the 2022 class of the University of St. Gallen and I am a lawyer with a background in finance and corporate law, having worked in first-class law firms in Brazil and in the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

I wish to change my career path and leverage my critical capabilities in order to seek new challenges in fintechs or tech industry with a global reach and potential.

I see my MBA at St. Gallen as an unique opportunity for exposing myself to one of the most challenging programs, which will no doubt allow for my professional growth and open more opportunities for my future.

However, due to some recent family issues as well as the impact of COVID and governmental decisions, my savings in BRL have significantly lost value compared to CHF. 

I've received a partial scholarship to ease the financial burden of the tuition fees, however I still need to ensure that the remainder of the tuition fees are paid, as well as that I'm able to pay for my living expenses.

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Erwünschter Betrag
CHF 60'000
Maximaler Zinssatz
Juni 2022
12 months
Beginn Rückzahlung
Juni 2023
48 months
Schulden zurückbezahlt
Mai 2027

Das ist mein Plan

University of St. Gallen
Full-time MBA
Zusätzliche Studiengebiete
Full-time MBA
Dezember 2021
Abschluss des Studiums
September 2023
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Plan nach Studium

Given my professional, experience, I feel that I will be prepared to pursue opportunities in the fintech or technology sectors, with a viable alternative to continue my career in the financial sector. I do intend, however to direct my post-studies career to focus more on the application of new technologies such as IA as a general or project manager in the industry.



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