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Université de Genève 2023
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I studied a Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Cape Town. I have recently been accepted to study a Master of Science in Commodity Trading at the University of Geneva. It is a unique program where students are able to study and work part time in commodity trading, shipping or finance.

I was also accepted for a Master in Political Economy at the University of Geneva, and a Master in Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy at University of Bern.

Due to the high living costs in Switzerland and the significant devaluation of my South African currency  - I am writing to express my strong motivation for funding to cover Tuition fees, Student Accommodation, Books and subsistence at the University of Geneva.

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Juli 2023
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Juli 2025
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August 2028

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Université de Genève
Master of Science in Commodity Trading
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Master of Science in Commodity Trading
September 2023
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September 2024
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I want to start my career in Commodities in Switzerland to eventually return to South Africa. I am particularly interested in the fields of international energy and agriculture. The reason I would like to pursue this program at the University of Geneva is because it is unique in offering both academic and practical experience through internship work. 

I already have an offer from a boutique trading firm in Geneva for my traineeship. After the 1 year work experience, it is my ambition to apply to work for one of the larger commodity trading firms in Switzerland such as Vitol, Trafigura or Mercuria. These firms also have operations in Africa, and therefore I would be very well prepared to start my career once I return.

South Africa is the most advanced, diversified, and productive economy in Africa and is positioned very well in international trade. It is one of the largest global exporters of Platinum, Iron, Gold, Aluminium and many other precious metals. As well as many Agricultural commodities such as Grain, Wheat, Corn and Soybean. Furthermore, South Africa’s oil and gas industry remains largely unexplored and this would potentially transform South Africa’s crippling energy economy and turn the country into a net exporter of energy. I believe this program will give me the opportunity to develop a stronger technical skillset to apply to build a career in International business. 

Commodities trading, shipping and finance jobs pay very well in Switzerland, so I am sure that I will have no issues paying the loan back. I hope you will consider my application, I am excited to gain this once in a lifetime opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, learning French & German, and challenging myself in a new cultural and academic environment in Geneva.

Thank you very much!



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