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Dear investors. My name is Alfieri Migone, I am an Italian/Peruvian economist from Universidad del Pacifico, one of the best business school in latin america and the best in Peru.

I had built my career as an financial professional working as investment banker and as financial controller. Currently I hold a position as head of controlling for the Synlab Group, Europe's biggest clinical diagnosis provider and lab operator.

I had reach that point in my professional life where I need to keep growing and looking for new challenges. That is why University of St Gallen had admitted me in its full time MBA program, which for me is a great honor.

Taking a full time MBA takes time, money and full commitment. That is why I am asking for your help. Right now I am able to afford my accomodation an living expenses, and University of St Gallen had awarded me a CHF 5,000 emerging market scholarship, however I require your help to fund the tutiton fee.

I am asking for CHF 58,500 which will be used in the following way: CHF 53,500 for the tution fee, and CHF 5,000 for the interest during the interest period of the first year. During the second year I will be able to pay the interest with savings and with the CHF 3000 monthly salary University of St Gallen pays full time students on the last 3 months of the program.  

Between the end of the MBA and the amortization period I am setting a 6 month time window in order to start looking for a job ( probably I will be start looking for one sooner) so I can start generating enough income to pay back your money. According to Financial Times; University of St Gallen MBA graduates make an average annual income of CHF 120,000, so the amortization payments are well covered.

With nothing else to add, I want to thank you for reading through these lines and for having your support.

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CHF 58'500
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Mai 2020
24 months
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Mai 2022
36 months
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April 2025

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University of St. Gallen
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August 2020
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August 2021
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After the MBA is my intention to keep working as a financial profesional in a corporate senior position or as corporate finance specialist in some banking.

In the short term I would like to stay in europe for some years and get some experience on the corporate world. I think the challenges of the european landscape are higher than those of a emerging country, and geting such experience will improve my skills to deal with all type of situations and absorb the best of a different culture.

On the long term I would like to return to Peru, the country I was born and grew up. The reason for this is that countries like Peru present a lot of opportunities for change and improvement, and I belive well prepared professionals with a different point of view are the catalyst for that change.



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