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Dear Investor, 

I'm a 2022 IMD MBA (with merit scholarship) who is about to graduate. I raise this credit request to seek funding support for my transition between MBA graduation season and my job starting date. 

Currently, I have already signed my job offer with one of the best global strategy consulting firms who provides a promising salary package. However, as a non-European to start working in Europe, I need to go through complex work permit application processes. My expected job starting date is between May to Jul 2023, depending on the work permit progress of the country that I will be working in and the office's new hire onboarding schedule. This brings me financial burden because my savings are not sufficient to cover this transition period, despite the exciting job and benefits ahead. 

Therefore, I would like to seek for investors who are interested to support me through this transition period.  

Please contact me at I'm happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my profile and situation. 

Thoughout my MBA studies, I have achieved strong personal development progress. With this surprise break between my MBA graduation date and job starting date, I plan to take time to reflect on my learnings and prepare myself for the upcoming new career journey. I'm super looking forward to unfolding this new chapter and embracing what is yet to come. 

Thank you in anticipation for considering my request. 

I wish you a great end of the year! 


Joy Jingwei Xu

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Despite the challenging enviroment in this job searching season, I managed to obtain three ideal offers, with average annual salary package around 180k Euro. Among the three offers, I've decided to join a global strategy consulting firm in one of its European offices as general consultant. My expected job starting date is between May to Jul 2023, depending on my work permit application progress. I will be able to pay back the loan soon after I start receiving the pay checks.  



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