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I am 32 years old and to date have accumulated 10 years of experience in IT, project management and business development, both in the financial sector and professional services. I started working during my studies and upon graduation designed IT systems that enabled launch of innovative banking products at Barclays Russia. In 2011 I joined KPMG as a business analyst and 3 years later became the Head of IT PMO supervising the IT project portfolio of 80+ projects and facilitating the firm’s digital transformation across 6 CIS countries.

My desire to work internationally brought me to Amsterdam in 2015 where as an EMEA Adoption and Change Manager I drove implementation of global IT solutions across 31 KPMG regional member firms. To broaden my experience from IT to business development, I joined a technology startup in Germany last year where I have been using my skills to increase the sales leads by 20% and launch a new service.

To achieve my professional goal - drive digital transformation programs at a more international and larger scale - I would need not only in-depth knowledge of business and economy but also specific insights into digital innovation and strong leadership skills. For this reason, I have chosen to pursue my MBA at IMD, which is famous for its leadership development program and a strong focus on global and digital.

I have paid the first two installments (around 35% of the tuition fees) from my savings and will be applying for a loan to cover the remaining part. I have also applied for the scholarships (the decision is due in mid-November). To cover my living expenses I am looking for financial support.

I am attaching my budget estimate, which I have calculated with 15% contingency to make sure I will be able to deal with any unexpected costs should the latter occur. The program duration is 11 months (from January 2019 till December 2019) and I am expecting to get an offer within 3 months after graduation and start repaying the loan in Q1-Q2 2020.

I thank you in advance for your interest and would very much appreciate your contributions. I am just in one step from embarking on my MBA journey and I hope for your support to help me to fulfill my dream.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

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IMD Lausanne
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Januar 2019
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Dezember 2019
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I am keen to continue to drive automation and transformation programs, but at a more international and larger scale, capitalizing on my background and leveraging additional knowledge gained through MBA. In a role of a Digital Program Manager or Client Service Executive in a global fast-paced consulting or technology company, I will design and execute change strategies and IT automation programs for enterprises to achieve greater efficiencies and move towards a digital future.



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