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Nick name
HEC Lausanne ambitious student
23 years
Highest education
HEC UNIL Lausanne

This is my Credit Motivation

My name is Antonella Salluzzi, I am a 23-year-old student from Italy and I have been accepted to the Master of Management: Strategy, Organization and Leadership at HEC UNIL University in Lausanne, Switzerland. I have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Italy, and I have carried out two internships in Berlin from March to August 2019, working in business development, sales and marketing.

Having been admitted to HEC Lausanne represents an honour for me, considering the high-standard quality of the Master programme I have chosen and the outstanding reputation of the university itself. I chose, in fact, the Strategy, Organization and Leadership orientation of the Management course in order to acquire the finest theoretical and practical skills that would considerably boost my future career in management/consulting positions.

My parents have been supporting me since I started my Bachelor studies; however, to complete the Master at HEC UNIL Lausanne, I would need help with funding because of the considerable living costs in Switzerland. Tuition fees do not represent a concern since UNIL, as a public university, requires affordable tuition fees. What I would need funds for is to finance my staying in Lausanne for one year and a half, also considering that I come from a little village in the South of Italy with very low costs of living and that I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Siena, a middle-sized town in the centre of Italy where living costs were also far below the Swiss ones. In addition to this, my parents are also paying for my younger sister’s education in Italy.

Obtaining these funds would allow me to fully focus my time and dedication on my studies without having to struggle with financial issues during my Master years, which will reflect in good marks and being qualified for relevant roles in my future career in Switzerland.

I thank you for your attention and I will be utterly grateful for your assistance towards my academic and professional growth.

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Credit amount
CHF 20'000
Maximum interest rate
Start date
September 2019
Study time
18 months
Re-payment starts
March 2021
Re-payment time
30 months
Loan fully paid back
August 2023

This is my plan

HEC UNIL Lausanne
Main field of study
Master in Management
Additional fields of study
Master in Management
Begin of study
September 2019
End of study
March 2021
Current semester
Plans after study

After my Master studies, my primary goal is to dedicate my efforts to find a stimulating entry position in the vibrant luxury industry in Switzerland, which has been a prominent passion and interest of mine for a long time. My Bachelor thesis on Gucci’s sustainable brand management and corporate social responsibility policy exemplifies my vivid interest in sustainable practices in the luxury industry. And what better place to realize my future plans than Switzerland itself, house to many luxury brands and multinational companies.



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English C1 Advanced English certificate

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