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JP Brazil
23 Jahre
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University of St. Gallen

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Dear investors,


My name is João Pedro Landim. After two years of studying in the top think tank of Latin America (FGV Brazil), I earned a scholarship at the University of St.Gallen from September to January.


I am the son of a single mother, the first generation in college. My mother has consistently moved mountains to ensure the essentials for me. Yet, when I started my studies in 2020, I had also to work. Since the pandemic made opportunities scarce, I acquired some debt. The support from my mother has been vital, but I can't burden her any further.


Since I want to concentrate best on my studies, I will use this loan to maintain myself until graduation, focusing on my learning experience. Considering that I plan on getting an internship, the loan repayment may happen before the specified time.


FGV introduced me to the opportunity to go to the University of St. Gallen earlier this year. Located in a country I admire, St. Gallen is one of the best leadership schools in the world. It has innovative and challenging courses that aim to form responsible global citizens. 


I want to impact society positively and be a leader in my profession and family. I am committed to excellence in what I do. Going to this institution of prestige is an indispensable way to help achieve my goal. A well-prepared and well-meaning individual can revolutionize the world.


Therefore, I ask you to help me by investing and sharing.

Ich brauche

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CHF 10'000
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September 2022
24 months
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September 2024
36 months
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August 2027

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University of St. Gallen
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Februar 2020
Abschluss des Studiums
Dezember 2023
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Plan nach Studium

I will obtain a high-paying job after graduation, with the weight of an FGV degree and HSG experience. I've already received some internship offers beginning after my exchange.
My interests are education, diplomacy, economics, innovation and finance. I will choose a career path that allows me to transform my society while paying my loan quickly.



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