MSc of Banking and Finance - Real Estate (Dual Degree)

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Lucerne School of Business

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I have graduated from the School of Management of the Sabanci University , which is one of the leading (top 3) universities in Turkey, by specializing in the area of Finance and Investments. You can check my academic references.

I have a huge passion towards the investment management/real estate investment and analysis area and therefore, I would like to gain additional expertise by studying this course in Switzerland where the banking/finance education and instituitons are advanced in terms of all aspects.

I will study Master of Banking and Finance and Real Estate (Dual Degree) at the Lucerne School of Business (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences)

By studying this course, I am aiming to be the one of the best person who has deep knowledge in his area. I am sure that studying in Switzerland will give me this opportunity.

I have a truly global minded perspective in terms of both business and life. After studying both Singapore, UK and Turkey, and doing businesses in many countries like Italy, Monaco, France, Germany, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Peru and Brazil, I am sure that the international environment of Switzerland will boost my career, personality and ability in the investment world.

Currently, I am able to cover the tuition fees of my university with some savings and with some support from family and friends. For the living costs which will occur during my 4 semesters of studies in Switzerland, I need 26,000 CHF. You can see the budget plan as attached.

I am an hard-working person, therefore, I will also work part-time during my studies to cover some of my living expenses and to pay for this loan.

Since I have an investor mentality/mind-set, I am able to say that I am gonna be a very good investment which offers %8 interest. I am offering the maximum interest rate, because the service/opportunity provided in this platform is excellent and I hope that it makes many wonderful dreams come true including mine as well.

                                        REPAYMENT PLAN

  • During only-interest period (24 months + 6 months cushion period), monthly interests will be paid by my family.  
  • For the amortization period, I am aiming to work for big asset management companies. I assume that these companies will pay me enough,then I will be able to pay for my loan easily. If I'm not successful to get into these big companies, with my post study credentials and network I can easily get a job in Turkey which will pay me at least CHF 3,000- 4,000. In Turkey, I live with my parents, therefore, paying for the loan will not be an issue. 


What I am offering ?

  • I offer a high ROI with strict punctuality in payments.
  • Opportunity to invest with a student who is highly disciplined and who has a highly mature personality

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CHF 26'000
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Juli 2018
30 months
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Januar 2021
24 months
Schulden zurückbezahlt
Dezember 2022

Das ist mein Plan

Lucerne School of Business
Master of Science in Banking and Finance- Real Estate (Dual Degree)
Zusätzliche Studiengebiete
Master of Science in Banking and Finance- Real Estate (Dual Degree)
September 2018
Abschluss des Studiums
Juni 2020
Derzeitiges Semester
Plan nach Studium

During and after my studies, I will work for banks, investment management companies, real estate private equity firms, real estate asset management companies, investment funds, and other prominent financial instituitons like UBS, Deutsche Bank, Blackstone Real Estate, Metropolitan Real Estate. I would like to gain huge expertise and deep knowledge of the industry while making money.  



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