PhD student in Biomedical Engineering

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29 Jahre
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Univerisy of Bern

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I am a first-year PhD student at the University of Bern. My research is about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). My program is for four years during which I get the standard PhD salary supported by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).

The reason I want to apply for financial support is to smooth the previous student loan for my Master's program, which I took out in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a bit difficult for me to pay the loan in one year, but it would be very easy and much comfortable for me to pay it within three years.

I can start paying back right away with my salary, and my four-year PhD funding (salary) is sufficient to pay all the loan off. Thanks for your help!

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CHF 35'000
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Dezember 2019
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Januar 2020
40 months
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April 2023

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Univerisy of Bern
Biomedical engineering
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Biomedical engineering
September 2019
Abschluss des Studiums
Juli 2023
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Plan nach Studium

My first plan is to accomplish the research for my PhD project, contribute valuable outcomes and obtain my PhD degree.

Then  I would probably consider finding a research&development job in the industry as a physicist. Or I would go for an academic career such as starting with a post-doc position. All in all, I enjoy doing research and really have fun with it. So I prefer to keep doing science in the future.



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