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EHL, Lausanne

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First of all, thank you for your time and for your interest in my credit application for a MBA program in Global Hospitality Management with EHL, Lausanne.

I graduated from EHL, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, with a Bachelor of Science with cum laude in International Hospitality Business Management. After my studies, I started Cluster Director Positions and General Manager Positions with renown international hotel chains, Relais & Chateaux Hotels, and privately owned hospitality businesses in eight countries, ranging from 5 star to 4 star level.

Due to the fast paced change in the hospitality industry in terms of technology, business structures, and asset management I saw a strong need to keep up with the industry development. A Master from EHL in Global Business Administration with a major in hospitality management doesn`t only fulfil the requirements to advance in this sector, the study program is also completed at the best business school of the world for hospitality management.

I started the MBA program in March 2019 and average so far in a total grade of 5.6 out of 6.00. Graduating with a MBA from EHL along with its international alumni network, my career options for executive positions like COO, CEO are solid and realistic opportunities.

I would prefer the study loan to be directly transferred to the business school, EHL.

I would like to pay off the interest rate (up to 7,0%) during my study time in 24 months and to pay off the loan amortization in 36 months afterwards, hence a 60 months payment term.

Again, I appreciate very much your time and interest, and will be at full disposal for further questions of any interested party.

Kind regards,

Saskia Hillmann


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CHF 18'500
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Oktober 2019
24 months
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Oktober 2021
36 months
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September 2024

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EHL, Lausanne
MBA International Business Administration, Major Hospitality Management
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MBA International Business Administration, Major Hospitality Management
September 2019
Abschluss des Studiums
März 2021
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Plan nach Studium

Thanks to my international management experience, and due to the fact that I have operational knowledge of all operating departments in a hotel, it is my aim to work in executive headquarter positions within the hospitality and/or consultancy industry after my MBA studies.

As a member of the large and international Alumni network of EHL, I possess substantial contacts to managers in likewise positions to get connected further.



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